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Train - How to View an Individual Client's Performance/Workout HistoryThis is how you look up the workout history and performance results for an individual client.
Train - Copy Workout to Next WeekHere a quick walkthrough on how to easily copy a workout to the following week.
Train - Quickly Copy, Paste, Delete, or Modify your ProgrammingUtilize Train's tools to clone or adjust your templates or programs quickly.
Train - Weightlifting BenchmarksDetails about how program workouts based on Weightlifting Benchmark movements and how to add new lifts to the category.
Train | Access RolesThis article will differentiate the roles between Owner, Manager, and Coach.
Train - Connect Stripe and Create Your First Online Program via a PlanCreate an online program and connect your Stripe account to Train.
Train - How to Create a Coupon/DiscountHow to set up a coupon or discount code for your online programs.
Train - Delete a Coupon/DiscountThis is how you can discontinue a discount or coupon.
Train - Hot KeysLearn to program faster by using Hot Keys!
Train - I'm outside the US, can I still use Stripe?You can still connect stripe if you are in Australia, Canada, or another country.
Train - Sales ReportHere is where you can find a report of your sales from within Train to see revenue, issue refunds, view transactions, and export purchases
Train - See Today's WorkoutHow to see the workout of the day for any class, person, or program on the web.
Train - Utilize Workout Builder View OptionsCustomize the text in your workout builder.
Train - Client Cancellation SettingsChoose if your clients can cancel on their own or if they need to reach out to you.
Train - Update TermsUse this to learn where the client sees your terms, and how you can edit them.
Train - Default Workout NotesSet workout notes that are present in all of your workouts.
Train - Update Default Workout ImageHere is how to update the default workout image showing to your clients.
Train | Delete a UserHere is how to delete a user.
Train - Use Train to Offer Accessory Programming at your Brick and MortarMake more money using Train by offering Accessory Programs.
Train - Nutrition Coaching/TrackingHere is some information on lifestyle coaching, habits/nutrition tracking.
Train - Bulk Remove/CancelHere is how you can remove many clients at once.
Train - Assign Class Program subscriptions to your Workout ProgramsOnce you've subscribed to a class program subscription through a partner in Train this is how you can sync those workouts into your gym
Train - What notifications are sent by the systemHere's a listing of notifications you can expect to receive as an athlete and coach.
Train - How to Program an EMOMHere are some ideas for programming Every Minute on the Minute workouts.
Train - Create a "Private" or Hidden LeaderboardIf you want members to log their results, but don't want their results public here is what to do.
Train | How do I get billed?Here is how to know what Train costs.
Train - Update a User's Personal Account InformationThis article details the steps to change the user's account information like their name, username, and email address.
Train | Setup WalkthroughHere's the one stop shop for all things regarding the setup of your Train account. This is the best place to be if you are getting started!
Train | How to cancel affiliate class subscriptionThis article describes step by step how to cancel affiliate class programming through Train.
Train - Update Client Account Information (in your Gym's/Admin Account)This article details the steps to change a user's account information under your gym.
Train - How to Login as a UserThis article details the steps of how to login as a client, allowing you to see and use the app exactly how they would.
Train | Reset Member PasswordHow to reset a members password if they are unable to log in to their Train account.
Train - How to see and comment on the Leaderboard from the webHere's how to see, review, like, comment, and interact on all your classes and client's scores and results from your desktop.
Train - Update Payment InfoChange your credit card information in Train.
Train - Manually Add a New Client or Create a Test UserAdd a client and change them from a Lead to a Member in the system. This is a good way to add a test client.
Train | Why is my affiliate programming not showing anymore?There are 2 primary reasons that could happen.
Train - Workout Program Visibility SettingsWhat do the different Program Visibility Settings mean: Public, Default, Private?
Train - Building Your Media LibraryHere are the basics of how to add and edit items in you Media Library and associate them with inputs tags
Train | How to Publish a WorkoutGuide on making your workouts visible to your members by saving it or publishing it.
Train - Community Feature OverviewThis is a brief description of how creating a community works, what it is for, and how to use them.
Train - Tags Basics & OverviewLearn the basics about using tags in Train.
Train - Membership StatusRead below on the different client statuses within Train.
Train - Creating a CommunityHere is how to create a community based on a daily or personal training workout program.
Train - Toggle lbs/kg for individual athletes/clientsGym/account owners have the ability to set a default for pounds or kilos; athletes can toggle their own preferences from their app.
Train | Assigning Workout TemplatesHere is how to apply a saved Workout Template to a Personal Training (1:1) or Daily (class) Workout Program
Train - Change the Visibility of a Benchmark CategoryThis quick guide will show you how to toggle on/off the visibility of a Benchmark Category.
Train - Utilizing the Bookmark ToolbarHere's how you can add or remove shortcuts to your bookmark toolbar in Train
Train - How to program a supersetHere are a couple of ways that you can program a superset using our workout builder
Train - Create a New Benchmark CategoryFollow this quick guide to creating a new benchmark category in your Train account.
Train - Displaying Your Workouts on the Screens AppThis is how you show or publish your workouts from Train top the Screens app
Train | Edit Your Workout Publishing SettingsUse this article to determine at what time and day your workouts will be published to your clients
Train - How to Create a Custom Scoring DivisionHere is a simple guide on creating a custom scoring division in your Train account.
Train - Add a Workout Program to a ClientAssign a program or give a client access to a workout program.
Train - Use Pounds (lbs) or Kilograms (kilos, kg)This guide will show you how to change your Train account's weight unit of measurement to lbs or kg across all of your clients.
Train - Enable/Disable a CommunityHere's a quick guide on turning off or turning on a particular community within Train.
Train - Benchmark WorkoutsBenchmark Workouts allow you to categorize repeatable workouts in your library which you can then quickly select and schedule.
Train | Create a Personal Training ProgramThis quick guide will help you set up a program for 1 to 1 in person or remote online coaching.
Train - How to add Workouts to your WebsiteAdding the Train workout Widget to your Website
Train - How to Find Weights Associated with Different Percentages (%) of a 1, 2, 3 or 5 Rep MaxView a table that breaks down various percentages of your max lifts, ie 90% of your 1 rep max back squat; 75% of your 3 rep max bench.
Train | Create a Program Template
Train - Sync members with CoreThere are multiple times that you may want to sync your member list in Train with your list in Core
Train | Import results from SugarWOD with CSV FileSteps for how your members can import their previous workout results to Train from SugarWOD by downloading a CSV File for import.
Train - Pause a membershipNeed pause or place a membership on hold for member?
Train - Core integrationSo you're to sign up for Train and are ready to sync with your PushPress Core account. Here are the details of that sync
Train - How to edit Gym/Company Name
Train | Using the Workout BuilderHere are the basics of adding workout sections in Train. You have the options to use the Quick Add or Detailed Add functions.
Train | Create a New Workout Program and set Program Visibility SettingsHere's how you can create a new Workout Program and define the visibility settings for who has access to this program
Train - How to view your full client listBy default the Train clients page will default to active members. Using the below quick steps you can view your entire client list.
Train | Add a new staff member
Train | How to log weightlifting benchmarks that are not programmed.
Train | Search Workout History by Date6 quick steps to search for workout history in based on the date the workout was logged in the Train by PushPress App.
Train | How to sell Workout Programs without running classes.Here is a 5-step guide on how to sell additional programs!
Train | Update & Re-try Payment for Affiliate ProgramHow to update your payment information in Train if you have purchased affiliate programming.
Train | Log your own workoutThis article will explain how to log your own workout in the Train app for workouts not programmed in class.
Train | How to control which plans have access to view Workout Programs.In this article you will learn how you can manage who can view what workout programs in and Member Apps.
Train | Enable or Disable ScreensThis article will explain how to enable or disable screens view for Daily Programs or Personal Training through Train by PushPress.
Train | Become a Pro at Programming