You can use Train to offer your members an Accessory Program, and charge for it! Here is a simple step by step process to make more money using Train.

You can read about a PushPress client and Train success story here.

1. Choose a specific theme for your offering. It could be "glute training" or "abs", or something else. You are only limited by your creativity!

2. Choose a time frame - generally 4, 6 or 8 weeks works really well! Clients may struggle to stay on track with the extra program for longer than that.

3. Build this program as a template in Train. Here is how to build a template.

4. Set up a non-recurring plan in Core. Learn how to do that here.

5. Market this program to your gym! Tell your coaches in advance, post about it on social media, make sure to send out an email. One thing you can do is include a link to that non-recurring plan so members can sign themselves up saving you time! Here is how to leverage a plan landing page.

6. When someone signs up in Core, add the accessory program to them in Train, here is how you can do that!

7. Check in with them occasionally, and get some results metrics that you can use for the next time you market an accessory program!

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