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Train | Assigning Workout Templates
Train | Assigning Workout Templates

Here is how to apply a saved Workout Template to a Personal Training (1:1) or Daily (class) Workout Program

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This workflow applies to either a Personal Training or Daily Workout Program. For creating a Workout Template reference the help article here.

2. Toggle the first dropdown to select "Program Template"

Click on Program Template

3. Toggle the second dropdown to the template you wish to create/edit and build out the workout program. The templates will be listed as "Days" as opposed to specific dates.

Click on Full Depth - Squat Mobility

4. Save the Template!

5. Once you have built the program template. Click on the first drop down and select either "Daily Program" or "Personal Training"...

Click on Daily Programs

6. Next select the specific "Daily Program" or "Person's Name" you wish to use the template for. In that case we will use the "Powercut" Daily Program.

Click on PowerCut

7. Select the "Template Button"

Click on Templates

8. Select "add template" dropdown and choose the template you wish to use.

Click on Full Depth - Squat Mobility

9. Select the date you wish for the template to begin...

Click on Start Date

9. Click Add...the workout will enter for all of the weeks that are saved in the template.

Click on Add

10. Click Save to Publish your workouts. You can choose to save one Day or one Week at a time.

Note: you'll need to do the same for each subsequent week.

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