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Train | Add Inline Movement Percentage
Train | Add Inline Movement Percentage

In this article you will learn what the inline movement percentage tool is and how to use it in your programming!

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The Inline Percentage Calculator in Train by PushPress is a powerful tool designed to enhance the workout experience for gym members. This feature seamlessly integrates benchmark weightlifting data into individual workout descriptions by calculating the appropriate weight based on the chosen percentage and rep max.

How to create in the workout builder

1. Click on "Add Inline Movement Percent"

Click on Add Inline Movement Percent

2. Choose the percentage

Type "60"

3. Choose the Rep Max from 1,2,3, or 5 rep max options

Click on Rep Max

4. Choose the movement the rep max should be based on

Click on Back Squat…

5. Click the check mark

Click on check

6. The percentage rep max and movement will appear in the builders workout description

Click on Add Inline Movement Percent

How to view in the app

  1. If a member does not have a rep max input in the benchmarks section

  2. If a member does have rep max input in the benchmark section

If you have any additional questions regarding the inline movement calculator please reach out to PushPress Support by clicking on the blue PushPress Messenger button in the bottom right corner of your monitor or emailing

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