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Train | Import workout history from previous software.
Train | Import workout history from previous software.

Theses steps show how members can import their previous workout history into Train and view them in the member app.

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We currently have data importers built for the following platforms

  1. SugarWod

  2. Wodify

  3. Triib

  4. BTWB

Keep in Mind!

  1. Note that the most recent 50 workout results will show in the app in scrolling view. Previous workouts are there but must be searched in the search bar.

  2. Benchmark workouts logged from other tracking software must be input manually in or linked through Train order to populate in the Benchmark section the Members App. Check out this article here!

How to import the CSV file into

How to convert an xlsx file to CSV

How to download workout history from previous system.

See these additional links for how to download workout data from previous systems


1. Log in to Account

Login to

2. Click on Export Workouts

Click on Export Workouts


1. Log In to Account

Wodify will allow you to export multiple file types. Weightlifting, Weightlifting Totals, Metcons, and Gymnastics are the files that are able to be directly imported into the Train system. PR's is not supported but can be reformatted by the user to the weightlifting CSV categories and imported.

2. Find the file types and export from Wodify.

The screen will look like the pictures below and the file exported should look like the spreadsheet below.

  1. Performance Results: Weightlifting

  2. Performance Results: Weightlifting Totals

  3. PerformanceResults: Metcons

  4. Performance Results: Gymnastics



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