A user's information is stored in multiple places in Train. There will be details associated with the user/athlete under the account that they login under. They will also have details associated with any gym that they belong to.

This article details the steps to change the user's account information under their unique login.

For updating the client user account information in your gym's admin account, see this help article here.

Update Users Account Information

If you haven't already you'll need to login as a user. You can learn how to do that here.

1. Click on the dropdown with the user's name on the top right of your screen.

Click on Lisa Simpson…

2. Click on Account.

Click on Account

3. This will open their account information screen where you can change their name, username, and email address

Note: this is the user account information. Changing details here will change how the user logs into Train by PushPress. This does not change the information recorded in their client information under your gym.

Type lisasimpon@aol.com""/>

4. To confirm your changes click Save.

Click on img

5. Done!

Note: If you want the same details reflected under the Client account in your gym you'll need to update that separately, which you can learn how to do here.

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