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Train | How do I get billed?
Train | How do I get billed?

Here is how to know what Train costs.

Updated over a week ago

In Train, you get charged based on the total number of active users you have in your Train system.

The price breakdown is in this table:


Active Clients

Current Price

PT/Starter Tier

0 - 20


Ramp Up Tier

21 - 50


Group Fitness Tier

51 - 350


1:Many Tier

351- 1000


Enterprise Tier 1

1001 - 3000


Enterprise Tier 2



More Information:

  • The amount you will be billed is based on the maximum number of clients during the prior billing cycle.

  • We take a survey of how many members you have on a daily basis - so if you remove or add a client today, it will be reflected the next day - keeping in mind, the billing total will be the maximum number you had in the previous 30 day period.

  • Anyone that isn't deleted as a user will count toward your total. To learn how to delete a user, click here.

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