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Train - Displaying Your Workouts on the Screens App
Train - Displaying Your Workouts on the Screens App

This is how you show or publish your workouts from Train top the Screens app

Updated over a week ago
  1. You will need to make sure you have Train correctly setup and integrated with PushPress.

  2. Make sure you have the latest version of the Screens App installed on your Amazon FireStick

  3. That's it. No setup needed! Just use the direction arrows on your Amazon FireStick remote to toggle between different Tracks.

  4. Keep in mind that the workouts will be published according to your publishing settings. To learn how to adjust your publishing settings click here.

Tips for using the PushPress Screens app to display Train workouts:

  • You do not need to input your workouts in PushPress Tracks anymore. You can simply program your workouts into Train.

  • Workouts in Train should be pulled into the Screens app in real time. If you're not noticing the changes happen in the Screens app, hit "Resync Workouts" in your Screens app settings in your control panel

*Note: Screens can only pull public and default programs from Train. Programs set to private will not be published to PushPress Screens App.

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