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Train | Create a Personal Training Program
Train | Create a Personal Training Program

This quick guide will help you set up a program for 1 to 1 in person or remote online coaching.

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To create a new workout program for your clients, follow these steps. First, select "Coaching" from the main menu, then click on "Workout Programs" to access the program management section. Inside, click on the "Create Program" button to initiate the process. Choose "Personal Training" as the program type for individualized plans. Now, select the specific client you want to add to this program from your client list. Click on the person icon and check the box next to the desired client's name to add them to the program. Once you've made your selection, ensure you click "Confirm" to finalize the addition of the client to the new workout program. Congratulations! You can now find your new athlete's workout program in the "Workout Programs" section. To start building their workouts, simply click on "Go to Workout Builder," where you can tailor the exercises, sets, and reps to suit your client's individual needs and goals. With this streamlined process, you can efficiently manage and track your clients' progress while providing them with personalized training programs to achieve their fitness objectives.

1. Select coaching:

Click on Coaching…

2. Select "Workout Programs":

Click on Workout Programs

3. Click on Create Program:

Click on addCreate Program

4. Select Personal Training:

Click on Personal Training

5. Select the client we want to add to this program:

Click on img

6. After you click the person icon, select the box for which client you would like to add:

Check on

7. After that selecting make sure you click "confirm":

Click on Confirm

8. Now we can check in Workout Program's to see our new athlete's workout program. Click on "go to workout builder" and begin building workouts!

Click on Go to Workout Builder
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