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Train - How to add Workouts to your Website
Train - How to add Workouts to your Website

Adding the Train workout Widget to your Website

Updated over a week ago

As a fitness business you may want to publish your workouts to your website for members and leads to view. You have two options with Train to display this info. You can find the widget info in your Train account by going to Management menu, select Preferences. On that page you will Widgets.

Option 1 - Inline

Using iFrames you can embed the workouts into a custom page on your website. To do this copy the (Inline) code into your website. You will want to create a page called Workouts on your website. Most website providers will have an option for you to insert a "Code Frame" into the site. Choose this option and paste the (Inline) code from the Train Widgets page.

Option 2 - Popup

Using the pop up option you can have a "Workout" icon appear in the corner of every page on your website.

When this is opened the workouts will appear in a pop up on the current page. To use this option you will want to copy the (Pop up) code from widgets page.

On your website this will be placed in the custom javascript section. If you are not familiar with using custom javascript reach out to your website provider.

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