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Train | How to Set Up Habit Tracking
Train | How to Set Up Habit Tracking

This article will explain how to set up Habit Tracking using PushPress Train

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Habit Tracking in PushPress Train is a game-changing feature that empowers coaches to create, assign, and monitor custom habits for gym members. Easily accessible and fully integrated, this new tool allows members to log their daily habit goals while providing coaches with a dedicated compliance report.

Key Features

  • Custom Habit Creation: Coaches can create custom habits tailored to their gym's specific needs.

  • Easy Assignment: Habits can be assigned to any class or personal training program, making it versatile for different coaching styles.

  • Member Tracking: Members can log their daily progress on assigned habits, providing real-time data on compliance.

  • Compliance Report: Coaches get a dedicated report to monitor how well members are adhering to their assigned habits, with the ability to filter by custom date ranges.

  • Unlimited Habits: There's no limit to the number of habits you can create, offering flexibility for diverse coaching programs.

Integrated Experience: The feature is seamlessly integrated into the existing Train platform, making it easy for both coaches and members to adapt.

Enable Habit Tracking

Before you can set up habits, you will need to enable Habit Tracking for your Train account. You can do this by going to:

  1. Management > Preferences

  2. Under the 'Preferences - General' tab, find the 'Enable Habit Tracking" toggle.

  3. Toggle to active (this is noted by a blue status)

Create Custom Habits

To create new habits or edit existing ones, go to:

  1. Coaching > Habit Tracking > Custom Habits (if you have any existing habits built, you will find them here)

  2. Select 'Create Habit', give the habit program a name and click on 'Confirm' to create the habit. Note: this does not need to be the habit name. It can be the name of the program. For Ex: Program name = Daily Health Checklist.

  3. Then select “Workout Builder” button next to the habit name so you can set up what the daily tasks are related to that habit. For Ex: In the 'Daily Health Checklist' program, you can create different daily habits (sleep, nutrition, workout)

Assigning Habits & Logging Results

To assign habit tracking to member you will want to select the workout program(s) it will appear within.

  1. Go to Workout Programs

  2. Select the Workout Builder for the Workout Program you wish to Assign the Habit

  3. Click on Manage Templates

  4. Select Habit Tracking

  5. Assign the Habit to the Date of Your Choice

  6. Save the Programming in the Daily Program or Personal Training

How to Log Habits in the Member App

  1. Log into the member app

  2. Select Schedule-Workouts

  3. Navigate to the correct program

  4. Click Log Results

  5. Log your Habit

How to View Habit Compliance Report

To view the compliance of your members or clients in their habit Tracking. Compliance percentage is the ratio of habits logged in the app compared to the number of habits programmed, it is not a percentage of the Goal being Met.

  1. Log into

  2. Select Coaching-Habit Tracking-Compliance Report

  3. Adjust the first filter to select the desired Habit

  4. Adjust the second filter to the desired workout program type

  5. Adjust the third filter to the desired workout program

  6. Lastly filter the dates as needed

  7. The report will show you the Compliance score.

More Help

If you would like more information or need further assistance, please use other HELP Articles, just like this one or reach out through PushPress Messenger, the little blue box in your CORE account or email us at Our team is here to help.

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