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Train | Using the Workout Builder
Train | Using the Workout Builder

Here are the basics of adding workout sections in Train. You have the options to use the Quick Add or Detailed Add functions.

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Begin by logging into and select coaching from the left hand menu.

Click on Coaching…

Next, select the workout builder. This will bring you to the calendar view shown below.

Click on image

How to Quick Add a Workout:

Quick add will not allow you to enter any advanced details.

Click on image

1. Enter Score type

Click on Completion

2. Enter Workout Title

Type "Workout"

3. Enter Workout Description

Type "Description"

4. Select Save

Click on img

How to add a full detailed workout:

1. Click on Detailed Add.

Click on image

2. Start by selecting your Score Type.

Click on Distance

3. Next, set the Scoring Divisions for this workout section.

Click on Distance

4. Next you will choose the sets, default reps, and any advanced scoring features that you'd like to apply.

Click on complementary

5. Now you can enter a Title, Subtitle, and Workout Description.

Type "Max Distance Row"

6. Train will search the text entered in the Workout Description field.

When you click or tab out of this field the automatic Tags will populate along with any corresponding media in your Media Library.

Click on complementary

7. Add a new video if needed.

You can do so by clicking in the Video Link field and filling in the information. Include the URL for the video along with a simple Title and Tag name. This will save this item into your Media Library as well.

Click on Cancel

8. Enter any Gym Notes for members and any Staff Notes for your coaches.

Type "Notes for Members"

9. Now it's time to save your workout!

Click on saveSave Workout

10. Click on Save under the date/day in the week view.

The information is saved but we still need to make it visible for your athletes.

Click on Save

11. Select save day or save week and your workout is ready to go!

Click on Save Week

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