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Train | Setting up your System
Train | Setting up your System

Here's the one stop shop for all things regarding the setup of your Train account. This is the best place to be if you are getting started!

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Review and complete the items below to help guide you in setting up your Train account. Start by logging in to your Core Control Panel or at

1. Add Staff & Coaches

Go to 'Management>Coaches' to manage your coaching staff members and determine their access. Coaches should be added based on their access role.

Administrator in Core = Manager in Train

Coach in Core = Coach in Train

If you are missing a coach you can manually add them by:

  • Select 'Add a Coach' to begin

  • Add the coaches first name, last name and email used in the system.

  • Select 'Confirm'

2. Set Gym Preferences

Go to 'Management > Preferences' and work through the Preferences-General section. No need to worry about financial-preferences. All financials will be managed in PushPress Core.

Preferences - General

  • Gym Name (or your program name)

  • Default Gym Notes (what you would like gym notes to be titled)

  • Duplicate week (toggle blue for on - white for off)

  • Weightlifting units (lbs or kg)

  • Workout publish date

  • Workout publish time

  • Timezone

  • Gym Name

3. Create Workout Programs

Go to 'Coaching > Workout Programs'. You will add workout programs directly in Train. Select the program type, program visibility and if viewable on screens.

  • Understand the differences between the Workout Programs available and create any new ones you’d like:

    Daily Program - for groups of people doing the same workout on a given day; either in person or around the world. 

    Personal Training - private program linked to individual clients, note that the client will need to be added to your gym before you can create a Personal Training Program for them.

    Program Templates - useful for creating an archive of a series of workouts. These can be as long as you wish and either be applied to either daily programs or personal training programs.

4. Manage Plan Access to Workouts

Go to 'Coaching>Workout Programs'. This is where you will determine what PushPress Core plans can view workout programming. Note, this will only be the settings for workout programs set to "default".

  • Click the 'Manage Plan Access' button on the top right hand corner.

  • Click the dropdown filter on the popup screen

  • Select a plan you wish to edit.

  • Move the toggle to on to 'Include All Programs'

  • Move the toggle off to select which programs you wish to be viewable by that plan.

5. Program Your First Workout

You’ll find the shortcuts for the items in this category under the Coaching menu on the left panel. To edit Workout Programs either go to Coaching > Workout Programs and select the “Go to Workout Builder” button on the Workout Program you’d like to edit or go to Coaching > Workout Builder and select the Workout Program from the dropdown that you’d like to edit.

More Help

If you would like more information or need further assistance, please use other HELP Articles, just like this one or reach out through PushPress Messenger, the little blue box in your CORE account or email us at Our team is here to help.

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