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Train - Weightlifting Benchmarks
Train - Weightlifting Benchmarks

Details about how program workouts based on Weightlifting Benchmark movements and how to add new lifts to the category.

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This article details how to program a benchmark lift into Train so that results are linked to the Weightlifting Benchmark category. This will automatically update a user's 1, 2, 3, & 5 rep maxes in the system as well as log any other rep/set combinations under this movement for future reference.

Best practices are to utilize this category for any basic lifts that you'd want your athletes to track progress over time. Historical results for each movement will be detailed in the Train app under Benchmarks.

  • How to use the workout builder to program a benchmark lift

  • How to add a custom movement to the Weightlifting Benchmark category

Programming a Benchmark Lift

1. Go to the Workout Builder in Train and click on Detailed Add on the day you'd like to add the lift

Click on Detailed Add

2. Click on Score Type:

Click on Score Type:

3. Select Weight

Click on Weight

4. The Movement category will appear with a dropdown selector

Click on complementary

5. Select the movement that you'd like to program

Click on Back Squat

6. Enter the Sets and Reps

Type "1"

7. If you choose 1, 2, 3, or 5 reps the system will automatically update this RM (rep max) based on the user's results. To remove this link simply click on the X next to the movement under the Calculate PR section.

Click on complementary

8. Now enter the rest of the details as you normally would and save the workout! Note that the Subtitle will be auto-populated as the sets x reps, you're welcome to leave this, delete it, or change it to anything you'd like.

Adding a Custom Movement

1. Go to the Benchmark Categories in Train, scroll to the "Weightlifting" category, and click on "Go to Detail"

Click on row

2. Where is says "Enter Movement Name" type the name of the new movement that you'd like to add and click the "Add Movement" button

Type "Split Snatch"

3. Done! You're movement is added and you can now program it as per Part 1 above

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