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Train | Assigning & Removing Affiliate Programming Subscriptions
Train | Assigning & Removing Affiliate Programming Subscriptions

Once you have purchased your affiliate subscription through Train, assign it to a workout program so your members can view!

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Note: Upon your purchase of an affiliate program, the Train system creates a private program and attaches the affiliate programming. You will still be able to assign the affiliate programs to your own Workouts Programs using the following steps.

1. Go to the Workout Builder in Train

Click on Workout Builder

2. Select the Daily Program that you'd like to assign the Class license to then click the Manage Templates Button.

Click on Manage Templates…

3. Click on Class Programs

Click on Class Programs

4. Click on the drop down arrow to select the Affiliate Program you would like to assign to this specific workout program.

Did you know?? You can select more than 1 program! You can follow the steps below for as many Workout Programs as you like. Many subscriptions come with access to multiple workout tracks like the daily workouts, separate coach specific notes, etc.

Click on Assign Class License:…

5. Choose the Start Date you'd like the sync to begin

Click on Open calendar

6. Click on Add

Click on Add

7. Boom! The workouts will automatically appear.

Click on compress

8. Make any edits you'd like to and Save/Publish to push these out to your clients. As workouts are added to your Class Program subscription they will automatically appear on any programs that you've assigned them to.

Click on Save Week

Removing Assigned Programming

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