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Train - Tags Basics & Overview
Train - Tags Basics & Overview

Learn the basics about using tags in Train.

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  • Your performance and score history will be searchable by the tag.

  • That tag can also correlate to a video in your media library.


  • Use very simple and easily searchable tags. That way your media and movements are easily and consistently picked up.

    • Don't: 3 Second Pause Mid-Hang Squat Snatch

    • Do: Hang Snatch

    • Don't: Heavy Tempo Barbell Bench Press

    • Do: Bench Press

    • Don't: 5 Second Concentric Single Arm DB Press

    • Do: Single Arm DB Press

  • You can build your own media library.

  • You can also find publicly available media on YouTube that you can input.

For a more in-depth look into tags and building your media library, click here.

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