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Train | How to Import Workouts from CSV for Workout Building
Train | How to Import Workouts from CSV for Workout Building

You can upload a week of programming to the Workout Builder from CSV!

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If you have programming you have exported from another software platform or you have workouts programmed in a CSV file, you can configure those workouts to upload a week at a time into the Workout Builder. NOTE: The CSV file must be configured properly or the upload will not function. Only 1 week (7 days total) can be uploaded at a time!

Download the blank sample CSV file:

The Downloaded CSV File will look like this:

Now that you have your template for the CSV upload, you can enter your data and ensure the following configuration formatting is set.


Dates must be entered YYYYMMDD. Any other format will immediately cause the upload to fail.


Refers to the workout tile (The Title block on the workout builder). This is an opportunity to ensure the workout is searchable in the future. If this is a weightlifting movement, put the movement in the title. (Bench Press, Back Squat, Snatch, etc...), If this is a custom benchmark, the title should be something memorable that can be searched at a future date.


Following the example in the workout builder, this would be a great place to state the parameters of the workout. (3 Rounds of, AMRAP 10, EMOM 15, etc...)

Score Type:

The following are the only score types accepted by Train in this upload procedure.



Scoring divisions should be comma separated, contain no spaces, and match the scoring divisions you have set in your Train account.

Good: Rx,Scaled

Bad: Rx, Scaled -or- Rx,Scaled, Rx+ (no Rx+ division has been established in your account)

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