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Train | How to Publish a Workout
Train | How to Publish a Workout

Guide on making your workouts visible to your members by saving it or publishing it.

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When you create a workout in the Workout Builder it will be in the draft state until you click the SAVE button.

Click on Save

After clicking save you can choose to select "Save Day" or "Save Week"

Click on Save Day
Click on Save Week

Clicking this button will change the status to SAVED or PUBLISHED depending on your accounts publishing settings.

Summary of who can view workouts based on the status:

  • SAVE: Workouts are in "Draft Mode" and are not viewable anywhere except the workout builder

  • PUBLISHED: Workouts are viewable to all coaches & members that have access.

  • SAVED: Workouts are viewable by coaches in app but not available to members.

Editing Workouts: If you want to make changes to a workout there are 2 options:

  • Edit the workout in the workout builder without changing the status. This will update the app with a minor delay in real time. You will need to refresh screens app in order for updates to pull through.

  • Return the workout to "draft mode" by clicking PUBLISHED or SAVED. This will revert the status to SAVE and remove the workouts visibility from the app (and from screens if the workout is refreshed). Make your edits, and then resave your workout using the same process as shown above.

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