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Plans - Create, Sell & Discount
Plans - Create, Sell & Discount
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Core | Plans - Create a ChallengeChallenges can be created and purchased through PushPress.
Core | Plans - Editing PlansSo, you want to edit a plan that is already created...and may already have members? Here's what you can do.
Core | Landing Pages - Credit Card or ACHMember choice - Credit Card or ACH
Core | Plans - Landing Page Leverage*Here at PushPress, we love our Landing Pages. Quick, friction free sign ups from FREE trials to Paid Memberships
Core | Set up - Sign Up and Reserve a Spot in Class, RedirectWhen selling a plan online, you may want to redirect a member to schedule a class
Core | Members - Sub-accounts (adding families or couples)Sub-accounts are used to link parents, children, or couples together to share billing information
Core | Landing Pages - The New Member ExperienceHere's what the experience will be for a new member at your gym
Core - Upgrade/Downgrade Member planUpgrading or Downgrading a members plan can be done in a few steps.
Core | Plans - Free or Paid Trial
Core | Plan CategoriesCreate plan categories to keep more organization to your plans
Core | Plans - SetupGeneral overview on best practices for Plan setup
Core | Plans & Events - Connect to Website
Core | Plans - 4 Week and Bi-Weekly Billing Cycles + ImplementationNo more monthly memberships? Here is how you set up different billing cycles in PushPress Core.
Core | Plans - Pre-Sale or Session Start DateSell a Plan with a specific start date
Core | Plans - ProrateProrating a member's plan to charge for part of the month
Core | Plan - StatusWhat each Plan Status means
Core | Plan - CancellationHow To Cancel a Member's Plan
Core | Drop-ins - Best PracticesBest Practice for Drop-ins
Core | Plans - Pause MembershipHow to pause member's plan
Core | Delete a PlanHow to delete a plan
Core | Plans - Adjust Billing DateEdit the billing date on a member's plan
Core | Plans - Change Billing MethodYou can change the payment type for any recurring plan from cash to card at anytime before the next bill date
Core | Plans - Discounts
Core | Plans - Adding a DiscountSet up discounts in your Plans
Core | Plans - Stacking DiscountsYou can only apply one discount per plan. Here's a workaround for how to stack more than one.
Core | Family Plans - DiscountsBest practice for using discounts to modify the rate for family plans
Core | Discounts - Creating a One-Time DiscountLimit how many times a discount can be used for a plan
Core | Plans - One-time discount for subscriptionsHow to add a single use discount for any flat amount.
Core | Plans - Gift a MembershipHow to sell a Membership as a Gift
Core | Plans - Check-In RestrictionsWhen do restricted plan counts reset?
Core | Plans - Yearly Fee Gym MaintenanceYearly Charge for Maintenance
Core | Plans - Monthly Recurring Plan OptionsTypical month to month membership class, CrossFit, GPP, Yoga, Barbell Club, Strength & Conditioning can all fall under this setup
Core | Punchcard PlansHow to create a Pay as You Go type plan.
Core | Plans - Roll Out a Price IncreaseIts time to raise your rates. Now what?
Core | Plans - On-ramp, Fundamentals, Foundations, etc.Plan to sell for small groups to get them ready for main class.
Core | Plans - Free Class or Fitness AssessmentIf you have free class or appointment to get prospects in the door, here is the recommended way to set that up.
Core | Creating a Hold FeeYou may want to charge someone a monthly fee while their membership is on hold, here is how to do that.
Core | Plans - Punchcard Adding/Removing PunchesAdjust the amount of punches on a Punchcard plan
Core | Plan - Summer Camp Set upSetting up, selling, and managing summer camp
Core | Plans - Bootcamp or Short courseSet up a Course that begins and ends on predetermined dates
Core | Plans - Sell onlineThe following articles discuss how to find the landing page links and the second one discusses how to embed them into your site.
Core - Embedding Landing PagesiFrame a Plan Landing Page or your schedule in your website
Core | Hybrid PlansCombine monthly class plans with appointment credit allocations