Outlined is the best method to use for Drop-in's on PushPress (Especially for CrossFit type gyms). It will effortlessly and efficiently ensure each Drop-in has a valid waiver signed and you have them in the system paid up with little to no interaction or time spent from a coach.

Part A

Verify you have your Drop-in plan setup and configured correctly. Instructions for that are here.

Part B

You want to link the Landing Page for this Drop-in plan from your website. We recommend you create a main navigation link or sub-menu item called 'Drop-in' which shows a page that explains any applicable requirements, rules or expectations. Make a very clear big button that links to purchasing this plan online. Instructions on how to find Landing Page link here.

We typically see 90% or more of drop-ins purchase the plan ahead of time online, rather than just showing up and having to run the transaction in the gym. Buying online helps you in 3 ways:

  1. Knowing ahead of time expected Drop-in numbers, names etc as their details are now in the PushPress system.

  2. Collecting payment without pulling a coach away from class, avoiding having coach to ask for payment before or after class (which is often forgotten)

  3. Drop-in will sign waiver online as it shows the page after the landing page.

Part C

For the rare case the person doesn't sign up online and they walk into your gym its a good idea to bookmark the Landing Page link used in Part B on an iPad, Android tablet or even desktop browser so you can pull it up quickly, hand the tablet to them and get them to go through the process rather than you doing the data entry for them. This way you can multitask and manage multiple people at once.

You could also display the QR code linked to the landing page for ease of sign up, payment without tying up your staff. Here's a sample here made easily on Canva.
Go ahead and give them a scan!

Part D

Now that all your Drop-in's are in the PushPress system through Part B or Part C make sure you get them to Check-in using the Check-in app on the front desk. This will verify the following:

  1. They have paid (if applicable) and have a valid plan

  2. They have signed the waiver. If not, it will present the waiver for them to sign on the tablet and not let them proceed without signing

  3. It will decrement the punch from the Punchcard and set that plan status to 'Completed' (if only valid for 1 punch)

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