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Best Practice for Drop-ins

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Drop ins can provide an extra bump in revenue as well as become a valuable resource for reviews and feedback for your business. Their experience at your facility begins with the process of sign up and can make or break their decision to ultimately drop into your facility!

Why is this important?

Here are some best practices for a smooth user experience that allows the drop in to find their class, pay for their drop in, sign any digital documentation, and check into their class. The drop in experience can be broken down into three simple steps.

Step 1 - Set Up:

Verify you have your Drop-In plan set up and configured correctly:

  • We suggest using the Punchcard Plan Type

  • Make sure to 'Allow Class Booking' to make sure that potential Drop ins viewing your public calendar can purchase your Drop-In plan directly from your website.

  • Make sure to 'Show on Staff App (Kiosk Mode)' to allow walk-in drop ins to sign up from your Staff App in Kiosk mode.

Step 2a - Purchase (ahead of arrival):

There two ways for potential drop ins to purchase ahead of time. We typically see 90% or more drop ins prefer to purchase their drop-in prior to showing up at the facility.

  • Drop-In Button or sub-menu on your website or social media. You'll want to grab the URL for the Landing Page to add as a redirect for any buttons on your website or to add to your social media account.

  • The updated public calendar from Core allows the potential drop in to select their class, then select the Drop In plan and complete the purchase from the web.

Both options provide a professional user experience for drop ins in that they are able to purchase their drop in, sign any digital documentation, and schedule their class option prior to showing up. Additionally, coaches and staff are aware of the drop in prior to their arrival at the facility and can ensure their outstanding experience continues.

Step 2b - Purchase (in person/walk-in):

Just because a drop in hasn't signed up ahead of time, there's no reason to turn them away. With the Staff App (Kiosk Mode), you can provide the same professional user experience to sign up any potential drop in.

  • Ensure that your Drop-In plan has 'Show on Staff App (Kiosk Mode)' enabled and that your Staff app is set to allow plan purchases.

  • Make sure the potential drop in has their smart phone

Select 'Buy Memberships'

Select the Drop-In plan

Have the drop in scan the QR and complete the purchase, digital document signatures, and schedule into the class of their choice.

Step 3 - Check in:

After purchasing their Drop-In plan, return to the main screen of the Staff App (Kiosk Mode) for check in or a coach/staff member can use their Staff App (Staff Mode) to check them into class.

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