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Core | Plans - Landing Page Leverage*

Here at PushPress, we love our Landing Pages. Quick, friction free sign ups from FREE trials to Paid Memberships

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In this quick video you will learn how PushPress creates ...

πŸ”₯ A solid customer journey from landing page -> booking class -> signing waivers -> downloading the member app

NEW CLIENT | Create a new account

Existing CLIENT | Log in or device will recognize account

πŸ”₯ Landing Pages and QR Codes

πŸ”₯ Landing Pages on Websites - Your Personal Website or PushPress Grow Site

πŸ”₯ Use landing pages to easily sign up someone else - partner, children, friends

*These tips can be applied to paid trials or sharing our your plans using any of your landing pages. If you want to change up some of this information, to match your style, reach out to our Customer Experience team using Intercom, the little blue button or email us at

Landing Pages

Email Already In Use

If you've already been a member of a PushPress Gym you may receive this prompt. You can reset your password or choose a new email.

Who is this for?

For me - sign up yourself

Someone else - sign up your partner or child using your email while adding a new profile as a sub account.

Offer a FREE Trial or Connect your URL link to your site.

Plans > Select Plan > View Landing Page - copy url and paste into Social Media button, websites, copy, emails or create marketing materials.

New Member Journey from Landing Page

NEW CLIENT | Create a new account


Existing CLIENT | Log in or device will recognize account


Device recognizes account that is logged in

*Option to Redirect to Booking A Class

This option is chosen during plan set up and can be edited in existing plans.

Plan > Edit Plan > Toggle on "Allow Class Booking"

Digital Documents Signed

Any digital documents that are assigned to person or specific plan attached to the landing page - will request a signature a time of sign up.

Member App Download Prompt

In conclusion, members will be prompted to download our member app to jump right into the community and start building buy in with you.

If you would like more information or need further assistance, please use our HELP DOCs, just like this one or reach out through intercom, the little blue box in your CORE account or email us at Our team is here to help.

About PushPress

PushPress is the ultimate gym management software to help streamline your gym business. Thousands of gyms have become more professional thanks to PushPress, and now you can too!

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