For those are not using PushPress Sites to have their website built can still integrate with PushPress by creating the buttons and links necessary on your website to link out directly to our public facing pages. Here is how to do that.

List your Plans and Events on your website so prospective members can purchase.

To offer FREE trials, Drop Ins and Sell Plans online - Use Landing Pages!

More info on Leveraging Landing Pages here.

Selling Events Online

Go to each Plan/Event detail page on your Control Panel, look for a button in the right rail labeled 'View Page'. Click that button then grab that page landing page URL to use. You can link to that on your website with a button or text link.

Make sure the 'Public' toggle is set to 'yes'. (edit plan/event)

Link to your Class Schedule on your website.

You can also find these links inside your Calendar section in your Control Panel.

https://{your subdomain}

You can also iframe this page in your site, but most likely would look better to pop into a new tab.

Link to a Product or Product Pre-Order to sell on your website

Go to each Product or pre-order detail page on your Control Panel, look for the link to post on your website. Use that for each product/pre-order. You can link to that on your website with a button or text link.

Capturing Leads from your website

You can link to the lead capture form. Go to settings/leads on your Control Panel and grab the link from that. Again, link it from a button or text link.

About PushPress

PushPress is a fitness club management software that helps owners of gyms get the most out of their day. We've helped thousands, who have been able to streamline and professionalize their businesses thanks to our efforts. Now with your own business in mind, we are proud to announce Push Press – an easy and powerful solution for you!

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