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Combine monthly class plans with appointment credit allocations

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With Hybrid Plans you can now customize recurring and non-recurring plans to include both class access and appointment credits on a single bill.

Hybrid Plan FAQs

  • Will hybrid plans work with payroll?

    • Because we can’t break down the price/credit, all appointments will be marked as $0 in the database. Appointments paid at a fixed rate will work normally. Appointments paid at a percentage will not work.

  • Will hybrid plans for with landing pages?

    • Yes. Hybrid Plans with landing pages will award credits, and will show the details on the landing page. NOTE: Once purchased, members won't be able to book appointments from the landing page scheduler. Members should book appointments from the member app.

  • Can I set expiration dates?

    • You can set expiration dates on the appointment credits independently of the plan billing settings. Appointment credits are billed/allocated on the billing window and not in conjunction with the calendar settings.

  • Can the cost of appointments/class plan be separate?

    • The costs for the hybrid plan are summed together. In terms of reporting, a hybrid plan with $200 in classes + $300 in appointment credits will be reported as a $500 membership.

  • Can I update current plans to hybrid plans?

    • Yes. Any changes will not happen retroactively. Current and future members on the plan will receive the changes.

Hybrid Plan Set Up

From your Core Dashboard, select Plans -> Create New Plan or select the plan you want to edit.

Complete the Basic Info

Add any set up fees and recurring amounts/intervals and set the check-in limits. NOTE: these check-in limits are for class/open gym check-ins

Toggle on "Allow appointment check-ins?", set the credit expiration, and apply the number of check-ins on the appointment type.

Complete the remaining steps to set up or edit your plan and save.

How to verify appointment credits are added

From the member's profile, select "Appointment Credits (NEW) from the menu on the right side.

Hybrid Plan Limitations

  • Tax rates - we will not be able to give different tax rates for appointment credits vs plan tax rates. The tax rate will be for the whole plan.

  • Cancelling a plan does not automatically remove the credits. Admins will need to remove those manually from the member's profile.

  • Changing the appointment type on a hybrid plan will not change existing credits issued.

  • Hybrid plans are not for use in recurring booking. Hybrid plans do tackle recurring payments for appointment credits.


If you would like more information or need further assistance, please use our HELP DOCs, just like this one or reach out through intercom, the little blue box in your CORE account or email us at Our team is here to help.

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