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iFrame a Plan Landing Page or your schedule in your website

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Rather than linking out to Landing Pages in a new tab, you can embed them right on the same page in an iFrame.

Simply add "?framed=1" to the end of any Landing Page URL. This will work for Plans, Pre-orders, Schedules, and Events.

What it does

It will remove the following from the page:
• Grey outer background
• Gym logo
• Gym name
• Footer links


Use cases

• Embedding your Schedule on your non-PushPress website (Wix, Squarespace etc)
• Embedding an Event landing page on your website

Steps to Embed in your web editor

  1. Login to your website admin page

  2. Open editor for page you want to edit or create new page

  3. On the page edit or open a code module

  4. Copy and paste the following code into the code editor and replace the SRC address with the Landing Page address you are trying to embed.

<iframe src=" " style="width:100%; height:1200px;" frameborder="0" >
<noframes> <a href="">Schedule</a>
</noframes> </iframe>


This will get cookies in the users browser, so for all the pages you want to frame in your site, explicitly set ?framed=1, but any Landing page links you want to pop into a new tab, you can force the standard elements of Logo and gym name with ?framed=0


Google 'how to use iFrames' if you are unsure how to technically implement this.

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