Staff App
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Staff App | OverviewWhat can you do from the new PushPress Staff App from it's two modes
Staff App | Check-in Kiosk ModeStaff App allows you to use kiosk mode on a tablet to check members into their classes
Staff App | Manage CoachesStaff App allows you to change coaches and add assistant coaches directly from the app.
Staff App | How to Check a Member Into a Class/Open GymYou can check in members who have a reservation, add to a class without a reservation, and check in from the home screen.
Staff App | Chat FunctionThe Staff App chat function is an all in one communication solution for your staff.
Staff App | How To Cancel AppointmentsCancelling appointments and notifying both staff member and client is now easier.
Staff App | How To View & Filter AppointmentsView, filter, and customize filters to personalize your appointment view.
Staff App | Plan Purchase from Kiosk ModeYou can now sell plans directly from your Staff App
Staff App | Booking AppointmentsYou can purchase credits and book appointments for clients from the Staff App
Staff App | Product Purchase from Kiosk ModeYou can now sell products directly from your Staff App
Staff App | Product Purchase Payment Set Up from COREHow to set up your payment options in Core to sell products through the Staff App in Kiosk mode.
Staff App | Member NotesYou can share important notes about your members directly in the Staff App (Staff Mode).
Staff App | Product Discounts From Staff ModeWith the Staff App (Staff Mode) you can apply discounts for coaches and members on their product purchases
Staff App | Product Purchase - Checkout OptionsHow to charge members or guests for products from the Staff App