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Staff App | Member Notes

You can share important notes about your members directly in the Staff App (Staff Mode).

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Communication amongst staff and coaches is a key component of your business. You can now share important notes about your members with your staff easily and securely in the Staff App (Staff Mode). Coaches want to know about injuries and medical information (e.g. pregnancy, past surgery, etc.) to ensure members are scaling workouts and movements appropriately.

Why is this important?

  • Coaches care about the success of their members. If they can help them in their healing process or ensure they can avoid injury, they can create real success with their members

  • From a liability risk perspective, they want to avoid members getting injured from movements within a class, as this could be a liability issue for the coach or gym as a whole

Set Up:

From the Core Dashboard, select Apps -> App Store -> Staff App and change the 'Staff App Customizations' to allow Staff Notes.

Open the Staff App (Staff mode) and select any class. Any member of class that has a note in their Core profile (limited to the last 4 weeks), will show the 'Note' icon.

Select the 'Note icon' then select the arrow next to the note to view it's contents

All notes from the last 4 weeks are visible


What notes will be shown on the Staff App?

Any note created in Staff App will be shown on Staff App except for the following:

  • Notes that have a reminder set for a specific date - will be shown. Lead notes will not be included.

Can I create a reminder from Staff App’s notes?

For now, adding a reminder to a note in Staff App is not possible.

How do I view a note for a person in Staff App?

You can view notes relating to a person within Staff App by selecting the person’s name in Classes, Events, or Open Gym, or by selecting the person’s name in the People section, then selecting “Staff notes”. You will see all notes created within Core (except that have a specific date reminder) and all notes created within Staff App.

Can I see notes within Appointments?

While you cannot see notes within Appointments yet - that’s coming soon! - you can easily go to the “People” section and find the person to view their notes.

What information can I see relating to a note?

In addition to the context of the note, you will be able to view the staff member that created the note and the date the note was created.

Can I delete a note?

Yes, you can delete a note by selecting the three dots next to the note, then selecting “Delete”.

Can I edit a note?

For now, editing a note is not possible from Staff App or Core.

What if I don’t want to see notes in Staff App?

You can turn Notes off within Staff App Settings found in the App Store in Core. If that setting is off, then no Notes can be viewed from Staff App’s Staff Mode.

If the setting is turned off in Core, it could take up to 30 minutes to update within the Staff App. This can also be updated within Staff App prior to that 30 minute window by closing out the app then restarting it.

I see a little note icon next to a person’s name in Classes and Events. What does that mean?

That means the member has a “new note” that was created in the last 4 weeks to help flag what is most recent. Coming soon we will have the ability to “pin” messages and that will replace this. This will be coming to Open Gym soon as well.

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