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Sites - How can I see the resolved tasks that I submitted for my website?You may have forgotten all of the requests you submitted via Toybox. Here's how to find your resolved tasks!
Sites - How to Post A Blog (Webflow New)How to publish a killer, SEO optimized, blog post!
Core - Facebook PixelGetting your Facebook pixel on your Website and Landing Pages
How to make your own site changesIf you don't want to submit changes through Toybox, you can make some of your own text changes on your website
Sites - SEO and what we do for your websiteBelow is a list of things we do to help your PushPress website get found in Google searches.
Sites - How to integrate SugarWod with your PushPress WebsiteIf you're using SugarWod as your workout tracker, we can integrate the SugarWod plugin so that it displays on your PushPress Website.
Sites - How to integrate with UpLaunchIf you're working with UpLaunch, we can easily embed or link the client journey to a specific page on your PushPress Website
Sites - Creating a ToyBox accountInstructions on how to create your ToyBox account
Sites - Reseting your ToyBox passwordReset your Toybox account password. Here's how.
Sites - Requesting Page Edits / Additions / Deletions with ToyBoxRequest a Copy / Image / Video / Page change to your PushPress website with ToyBox. Here's how.
Sites - Google Tag ManagerHow to install the Google Tag Manager on your PushPress website.
Sites - ManyChat or Facebook Messenger Widget installWhere to get the code to install ManyChat or Messenger on your website
Sites - Sites Go LiveDNS info we need from your current domain registrar
Sites - Can I add a pop-up to my website?If you want a pop up on your PushPress Site, the first thing to ask yourself is why?
Sites - Transferring your old WordPress blog to your new PushPress Site
Sites - Changing Images on Your Website PagesWhether it is a new website or to update your existing site with updated images, this is what you do.
Sites - Prepare Background VideoHow to deliver your homepage background video for your PushPress Site.
Sites - How to Export Your SquareSpace Blog to Your PushPress SiteKeep your blog posts - it's easy to do!
Sites - DNS Records from GoogleReady to get your PushPress Site live?
Sites - DNS Records from Go DaddyReady to get your PushPress Site live?
Sites - How To Post A Blog (WordPress)Create A Killer Blog Post
Sites - How To Embed An Image/Video In My Blog PostWant a photo or video embedded in your blog post? Here's how.
Sites - Things to do after your website goes liveHere's a list of things you should follow after your we
Sites - How to use the editor to make your own site changes (Webflow New)Editor access will give you the ability to make text changes and publish them.
Make your blog post actionable & add a call to action!Follow the instructions below to add a CTA (call to action) button to your blog post.
Sites - Rebranding your website?Here's a checklist of things to do if you're rebranding your gym

Sites - How to share access to my Yelp business page?
Sites | How to create a Google My Business (GMB) listingHow to verify and create a Google My Business account
Sites | How To Organically Improve Your Site's SEO In 5 Simple StepsThere are a few simple things you should be doing on your website every day to help increase your SEO
Sites - Facebook - How to grant admin accessThis is to grant access to a facebook business page
Sites - How to add users to your GMB listingInvite users to manage your listing. When managers are added, they share management of listing without sharing personal account info.
Sites - How To Post A Blog (Webflow)Create A Killer Blog Post
GeoTagging ImagesGeoTagging Images is a useful practice to strengthen your SEO efforts, particularly if your business operates in specific geographic regions
Sites | Optimize Images for SEOEnsures that your web pages are loading faster and that your website is more accessible to both users and search engine crawlers
Sites | Schema Markup for SEOBy utilizing schema markup, you can gain a competitive edge and improve your website's overall SEO performance.
Sites | Title Tags & Meta DescriptionsBy optimizing your title tags and meta descriptions, you improve your website's visibility in search results and helps boost SEO.
Sites | H1 Headers and SEOH1 headers appropriately help improve SEO and enhance user experience.
Sites | Google AnalyticsGA helps us understand how people interact with your website.
Sites | Google Search ConsoleGSC is an essential tool for us to monitor and improve your website's performance on Google
Sites | Location page to help boost your organic searchA dedicated location page will help target areas you serve and help boost your organic search.