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DNS info we need from your current domain registrar

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If you are using PushPress Site Services, and you want a custom domain for your website like then this is the article for you!

What you are responsible for:

Paying and registering your domain name through a service such as or
Domain registration typically costs ~$12/year

What PushPress is responsible for:

We will host all your DNS records (CNAME, TXT, MX, A, etc)

Delegate access to the service you registered your domain name with. It will likely be GoDaddy or Google Domains but could be someone else. We will copy over your existing DNS records to our service and change your NameServers to point to ours.

Instructions for getting us access if you have registered your domain name at Google Domains:

  1. Sign in to Google Domains.

  2. Select the name of your domain.

  3. Open Menu. .

  4. Click Registration settings.

  5. Under "Domain permissions," click Add user.

  6. Enter the email address

  7. Confirm as a user.

  8. PushPress will receive an email notification we've been added.

Instructions for getting us access if you registered with GoDaddy:

  1. Go to your GoDaddy Delegate Access page. You will need to sign in.

  2. In the People who can access my account section, select Invite to Access.

  3. Enter the Name as PushPress and Email as

  4. Select the access level: Products, Domains, & Purchase

  5. Select Invite.

  6. PushPress will receive an email invitation to access your account.

About PushPress

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