1. We'll need you to log in to your SugarWod account and access the script that looks something like this: 

  window.sugarwod_options = {
    id: "YOUR-GYM-ID-HERE",
    color: "#e36c09",
    button: "yes",
    position: "bottom-right",
    label: "WODs",
    toggleClass: "sugarwod-toggle",
    openOnPageLoad: "no",

<script src="//cdn.sugarwod.com/plugin/v1/sugarwod-plugin.js" async></script>

2. Here's how to access it.

- Click on the settings icon

- Click Publishing Settings

- Copy the Script in the box.

3.  Send us the script directly via intercom, email, or Toybox. 

More info on how How to access SugarWod script

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