Watch this helpful video:

1. Log into your website dashboard:

2. Once you log in, you'll see a menu bar located at the bottom of the page

3. Click "Collections", then click "Blogs"

4. In the upper-right hand corner, click "Add New Blog"

5. Fill out the pertinent blog information in the fields provided. Be sure to upload images for both the main and thumbnail images.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to fill out the Blog Summary. Writing a succinct summary of the information in your blog post, filled with relevant keywords, will help boost your SEO rankings!!

6. Images should be 500px wide x 500px tall (you can edit your images with this free photo editor

*Note: Change your image file name using major keywords. This is a great tip for SEO as we want Google to find your post when being searched (ex. "How to get rockhard abs," "5 at-home workouts you can do without equipment.")

7. Lastly, select the author of the post. If you do not see the author list, you can add an author by navigating to the Author Collection and adding it there.

8. Once finished, select the Publish, Save Draft, or Schedule option from the top right corner.

  • Publish - This will display your blog right away.

  • Save Draft - This will save your work and not display your blog.

  • Schedule - This will display your blog at the date and time selected.

**Note: Avoid publishing using the "Publish" option on the top right, as it will publish any other pending incomplete changes that may not be ready for pushing to the live site.

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