24 articles
Core | What is the new member experience? (Member Journey)Here's what the experience will be for a new member at your gym
Core | Staff - Assigning Members and LeadsHow to assign a member or lead to one of your staff
Core | Lead - Referred byFind where the lead was generated from
Core | Members - Sub-account TroubleshootingCommon issues and questions about sub-accounts
Core | Staff - Promote from MemberChange the access permissions of a member to Staff
Core | Check in - Coach Check-in Options
Core | Members - Assigning Sub Accounts + Member App AccessExplains how to setup a sub account for MP Access.
Core | Members - Add a New Member + Add a PlanThere are multiple way to add members into your system. Here's a breakdown of the different methods
Core | Member - Logins
Core | Members - PasswordsMembers will use their password to log into the Member App and can authenticate for purchases in the Store App set to Kiosk mode
Core | Staff - Changing PasswordHow to change or update a staff member's password
Core | Add a Staff Member
Core - Adding Control Panel access to staff membersDisable Control Panel access for Coaches
Core | Staff - RemoveHow to remove Staff access for a coach or staff member
Core | Members - Check-In History
Core | Members - Check InsCheck in Your Members to Make Decisions for your Business
Core | Leads - Auto - Assigning To A CoachHow to generate a Lead Generation Landing Page for each coach.
Core | Leads - Merge Fields and How to Use ThemUsing the Redirect URL to pass data
Core | Members - Merge MemberWhen you have duplicate accounts, you should probably merge them.
Core | Lead - Adding a Credit CardAdding a credit card to a lead
Core | Profile HeadshotsHow Members/Admins/Staff can add a headshot
Core | Member - StatusDetailed rules on how Lead, Member, Ex-Member and Non-Member status are assigned to people
Core | Members - SearchHow to search for a specific member
Core | Attendance - Check-in CountKeep tabs and find out how many check-ins each member has