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Core | Leads - Merge Fields and How to Use Them
Core | Leads - Merge Fields and How to Use Them

Using the Redirect URL to pass data

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Part of the PushPress Leads system allows you to redirect after the lead has submitted your lead capture form.

Sometimes other systems might work better if they knew some information about your customer automatically. In these cases, we will allow you to pass some information over to them over the Redirect URL.

To set this up, enable redirect URLs (separate help desk link).

For the redirect URL add any of the following merge variables to substitute this lead's information into the URL:

  • {user_id} - replaced with the user's unique identifier on our system.

  • {first_name} - replaced with the user's first name.

  • {last_name} - replaced with the user's last name.

  • {email} - replaced with the user's email address.

  • {postal_code} - replaced with the user's postal code.

An example of this would be as follows, assuming your PushPress subdomain was "testbox".

This would redirect and replace the {user_id} to the newly created leads ID and the end result would look like this:

This would drop your user off right on the waiver page they can sign! :)

You can get creative with this, as needs arise with companies you integrate with. If you need more merge fields, let us know at

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