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Core | Profile Headshots

How Members/Admins/Staff can add a headshot

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Method 1: Staff upload via the Control Panel

  1. Navigate to any member staff profile page

  2. Either hit the cloud upload icon to select an image from your computer or drag and drop an image onto the headshot area in top right.

Method 2: Member upload via Members App

  1. Select Profile from the menu

  2. Tap camera icon in header

  3. Tap Edit in middle of existing headshot or placeholder

  4. Either Upload from phone or take a new pic


There is some magic going on in the background to auto-crop each headshot. There is an algorithm that will search for a face in each photo, zoom into that face with some padding around the edge and use that for the crop. With the auto-cropping the goal is to get a consistent display of legible headshots across the system. It's not foolproof, If someone uploads their dog, or has multiple people in the shot, it could produce unintended results. Best to select another pic or take a new pic. If you are not happy with the auto-crop you can mess around with something like photopea to pre-crop.

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