Benefits of Attendance Tracking

There are many reasons to check members into class, here are ways the PushPress system helps.

  • Ensure that each person has a valid plan. Our check-in system will throw an alert if there is no active plan. This can be for many reasons, could be as simple as an expired Credit Card.

  • Know when you busy classes are. You may need to add an additional coach to help with busy times, or use data to help decide which classes to cut.

  • Average value per check-in. Knowing this value is helpful in deciding future course costs and coach pay.

  • Time trending data. Are more people showing up to class or less over a give time period.

  • Calculate coach pay based on Check-ins. If you run any incentives for coaches per member check-in. Example: coach gets smaller base pay but .50c per athlete checked in to their class.

  • Average attendance per member per week. Make data educated predictions.

  • Gate X-time-pre-week plans. Ensure members are not taking more classes than permitted.

  • Retention. Know who is 'at risk' of quitting for lack of attendance. This is your opportunity to do something about it.

  • See who is dedicated. Run a report showing most frequent check-ins per person.

  • Liability. In case of accident or injury, know who was in the gym at that time.

How it works

Self service

Use our Tablet app to check people in. Position an iPad at your front desk. Members can check themselves in by typing their name and selecting class they are attending. More info here.

Front desk staff check-in

Use the Control Panel to check members in through a laptop or desktop computer. You can do it from the Dashboard Check-in module and also from the 'Check-Ins' page under the 'Schedule' section.

Pre-Registration for class

Members can pre-register for a class by logging on to the Member Portal and selecting which classes they want to attend. They will still be required to check-in to the class as well when they get into the gym. This is a good option to require when classes are impacted by capacity limits.

Class attendance on a TV

Optionally, if you run our screens app on a TV as soon as a member is checked in their name will appear on the class list so the coach can verify everyone participating has signed in with a quick glance and no distraction to class.

Get Started.

Start by setting up your class schedule through your Control Panel.

Then read more about how to download and setup the Check-in App here.


You can override a member with no valid plan if staff is checking them in on Control Panel. You can not if the member is self checking in on iPad check-in app.

Every person working out should have checked in. This means they all need a valid plan. Even a drop-in should have a dedicated drop-in plan assigned to them.

About PushPress

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