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Core | Check in - Coach Check-in Options
Core | Check in - Coach Check-in Options
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Checking members is a great way to collect important data, track churn, make projections and help you make business decisions. Here are the options for checking people in!

The Staff App

Empower your staff to check in members from the Staff App on personal phones in the first few minutes of class or do a round up at the end of class to ensure all member have checked in.

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The Staff App can also be quickly changed to KIOSK MODE

This is replacing the Check In App effective April 3rd to work as the self-serve Check In Kiosk.

Staff App can transform into the Check - in with a quick password set and display as shown.

Learn more about Kiosk Mode Here.

The Control Panel Dashboard offers you a quick overview of your classes. Use the dropdown to select different classes for the day.

The Check-In page, which is found under Schedule, is a great way to view all classes and reservations for the day.

The Class View page will give you the most details about any individual class. From here you can add reservations, view the waitlist order, and message your class registrants.

This page can be found by clicking on a class in the calendar and then clicking View from the quick view or by clicking on the class title on the Check-Ins page.

Class calendar can check in both coaches and members.

Coaches can be checked in with a simple click.

Members can select all, select all and uncheck 1+ and bulk action check in.


Select 3 dots next to member and select check in.


Our team is here to help. If you would like more information or need further assistance, please use the other HELP Articles, just like this one. Or reach out through intercom, the little blue box in your CORE account. Otherwise, feel free to email us at

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