Now that you have your schedule set up, you might be wondering what your options are for checking in members. PushPress has a few different ways to do this!

1. The Control panel dashboard offers you a quick overview of your classes. Use the dropdown to select different classes for the day. (view and check-in members)

2. The Check-In page, which is found under Schedule, is a great way to view all classes and reservations for the day. (view and check-in members)

3. The Class View page will give you the most details about any individual class. From here you can add reservations, view the waitlist order, and message your class registrants.

This page can be found by clicking on a class in the calendar and then clicking View from the quick view or by clicking on the class title on the Check-Ins page. (view and check-in members)

4. The Check-In App. For more information about the Check-In App, click here.

Pro Tip... if you want a quick way to look at your classes on the go, use the PushPress Members App to view classes and registrations.

Sidenote: This is to view only (just like a member would). Your app must be configured to Show Class Registrants. Coaches will need to use the methods listed above to check members into classes.

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