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Core | Member - Logins
Core | Member - Logins
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Control Panel

Area for Admins/Owner and Coaches to log in to the PushPress system. From here you can manage all aspects of 'the system'


PushPress Member App

App for Members to log in. Primarily used to reserve spots in class, but can also be used to update Credit Card info, purchase additional Products, Plans etc.

If your members prefer to use a website instead of an app:


Check In App

App for Admin's and Coaches only (no member login access). Best way to use if put it on an iPad and leave at the front desk for Members and guests to check-in. More on how to use here.

Download iPad/iPhone here.

About PushPress

PushPress is a fitness club software that helps owners of fitness clubs manage their tasks easily. We've helped thousands of fitness club owners streamline and professionalize their businesses with our easy-to-use solution. Our decades-long experience running fitness clubs has led us to develop an intuitive, powerful tool for business professionals in the fitness industry.

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