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Core | Onboarding Overview
Core | Onboarding Overview
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Welcome to PushPress. Here is a neat list of some of our FAQs to help you find Help Articles related to Onboarding to PushPress whether you are migrating or starting a brand new business.

Get Started

The first action to take when starting your Core Account is to jump into the Core Task List. This will activate when you log in for the first time. If you aren not seeing this please use this link to get started. Be sure to replace (your subdomain) with the first part of your URL. For example if my URL is I'd grab the GYM123 and add the rest of the URL below to log in and prompt the task list to pop open.

(your subdomain)

The Core Task List will provide you with all the steps needed to set up your Core Account in under an hour and be ready to sell your packages in person and online.

Help Articles


Share this link with your Staff to learn from start to finish how to use PushPress from adding new members, drop ins, sell appointments or check in members. Save YOUR time and allow the PushPress Team to train your team. Course takes under an hour.

ACH/ AUS Direct Debit

First, will take place using credit card only. This makes the process quick to ensure all members are moved over with payment and no payment is missed.

Once members have payment and plans, staff has become accustomed to PushPress, kick off ACH migration if you'd like to have ACH as the preferred method or as an option for your members.

*This is not available in all geographical regions.

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