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Core | Migration - From Another Platform
Core | Migration - From Another Platform

A 3 Step Process to Migrate Seamlessly to PushPress.

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This video outlines our 3 Step Migration Process, will answer any questions and provide step by step details to ensure success. Here we go!

This article will also address separating member data lists to upload properly using Active, Sub Accounts, Leads and Non/Ex Member data sheets.

If you are looking at how to migrate your members who have appointment credits left, please head here. Core | Migrating Appointment Sessions

Step 1 | Export your Member Information

You only want to import active, paying members. Active members are on a Recurring Plan, Non-recurring Plan or Punchcard that is currently active. Log into your current system and export your members list. If you don't have a current platform, but have members, you can fill out our template in Step 1.

Each member requires first name, last name and unique email. Other information can be uploaded but is not mandatory. Here is a view of our template headers and what we can upload. This template can not be changed.

Historical Check in - Keep celebrating your members check ins and milestone. Add your members total check ins to be uploaded. This is only done one time so make numbers as close to exact as possible close to your migration date.

Sub Accounts

Importing family members, partner or child accounts? Learn how to important sub accounts here.

Grow Uploads - Leads and Non/Ex Members

Importing leads and non/ex members can be uploaded to your GROW account. Please save separate files using our template and our team will upload those into your Grow CRM with respective tags. Grow contacts should have first name, last name, email and phone number for upload.

Example File Names - Gym123 Active Members, Gym123 Leads, Gym123 Ex-members

Download template, add data and send to our Staff.

From your control panel dashboard, head to People -> Migration Assistant.

Click on Step 1 and download our TEMPLATE. Copy and paste Active Members information from your export to the PushPress Template. First name, last name and email must be complete for each member to upload. All other information is optional. Members will have an opportunity to update their profile in Step 2.

"Send to Our Staff" will open a chat within Intercom. The team will do some pre-processing, scrub for duplicates, errors etc. and then upload it into PushPress for you.

Grow Users Only Send multiple spreadsheets to be uploaded if you are a Grow User.

Leads and non/ex members can be uploaded to your GROW account by our staff. Reminder to save separate files along with your active memberships and our team will upload those into your Grow CRM with respective tags.

Example File Names - Gym123 Active Members, Gym123 Subaccounts, Gym123 Leads, Gym123 Ex-members

In the Meantime, Give your members a 'Heads up' -Communication is KEY

Preface the migration process by communicating to your members what you are doing. However you communicate this 'heads-up' message best with your members is up to you. Email, Call, Blog post, get coaches to announce etc. Make this communication compelling. Give them a good reason to do it. Create some excitement to get everyone moving forward together. YOU are a key component of migration success!

Sample Messaging for members - "We are changing to PushPress to provide a better member experience from reserving classes on the member app to checking in upon arrival. PushPress requires less time in the office and more hands on time with members."

Sample Messaging for Coaches - We want to provide a better member experience for our members as well as our staff. Ease of checking in members, displaying workouts inside the gym, locating member plans and selling plans... less time working on software is more time in the gym with the members.

Sample email to members

Member management software change

We are switching our member management platform from {insert old software name here} to PushPress™. Our goal is to run the gym more efficiently to provide the best member experience. Our goal is to focus more on being better coaches and spend our time on the gym floor with you.

This Transition will take place over the next few weeks. Expect an email from the new system requesting you set up and verify the existing information we have on file for you. The subject line will be "Action Needed - {insert your gym name here} Migration Request"

This email will be sent on {insert day of the week you plan to send this}.

Please open this email to update your set up your account information. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, you can always catch me in the gym or email me at {insert your email here}.

Thanks again,
{insert your name here}

Step 2 | Request Account Setup

Now you are ready to fire off the Account Setup request email.

In your Control Panel, go to 'Step 2' of the Migration Assistant.

Select everyone you want to request the setup for using the checkboxes. Use the dropdown menu at the top to 'Select Billing from Selected Members'

Click "Select a Bulk Action"

Click on the first option to "Send Profile Set Up Request to Checked Members"

The reply-to will be your customer service email.

Scroll down to the bottom and "Perform bulk action".

This will send the email to all checked members.

Note: if you have cash members, you will want to use the 3 dot menu to select "cash member" before step 2 (sending profile setup request) .

Email to Members

This is the email that will get sent from the PushPress system.

Yes, you can customize your initial email that is sent.

Communicate > Automatic > Migration Account Setup Request

DO NOT REMOVE THESE BLUE LINKS when editing the Migration E-mail. Members will not be able to complete migration without it.

The 'Setup Account Now' link

The link in the email is a 'magic link'. It's a different generated link for each member that will automatically log them into a secure landing page to verify and collect additional info, but primarily we need this to collect their Credit Card info. Only the first name, last name and credit card are required fields.

This is what that setup account landing page looks like:
(any data you import will be pre-populated, example, first name, last name, email etc.)

Once members complete this information they will be prompted to download the member app, Branded or PushPress Member App.

Step 3 | Assigning Plans

Plans and discounts should be set up within your CORE system to complete this Step. Have your member list handy with plans, discounts and billing dates.

Keep an eye on your Migration Assistant. As members set up profiles and add billing members move from Step 2 to Step 3. Plans should only be assigned in the migration assistant. Plans assigned from profile will not have the options listed below and are assumed a NEW plan.

If you are looking at how to assign plans to sub accounts, you can find that information here. Assigning plans for Sub Accounts

Go to Step 3 In the Migration Assistant.

Click on the 3 dots to "select plan".

Select Recurring, Non Recurring or Punchcard. Then Choose Plan.

Recurring Plans | Plan, Discount, Billing Date and Payment Method.

If you have a recurring plan with a specific amount of payments - example 12 month commitment with an end date you will need to plan for cancel of that plan. For these plan, we recommend a 12 month commit then month to month after so there is no end date.

Non Recurring | Plan, Plan End Date and Payment will be COMP since member already paid the one time payment in the old system.

Punchcards | Plan, Punches Remaining and if the punchcard expires, add that date as well. Payment will be COMP since member already paid the one time payment in the old system.

As soon as a plan is assigned, they will be active members, even if their bill date is in the future.

As you assign plans on PushPress, make sure to cancel their plan on the old software to avoid double billing.

Digital Documents and Member App Download

Member is now done with migration, digital documents such as waivers, policies or financial documents are emailed that correspond to people, discount or plans.

Member will be prompted to download the PushPress Member APP or Your Branded App during this stage of the migration process.

Members can then start reserving classes from the member app. They are prompted to download the app after digital documents are signed.

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Have more questions? Please send us a message through Intercom. the little Blue Box, or email the Customer Experience Team at

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