If not handled correctly with organization tools in place, migrating from the old platform to the new can be a headache. Luckily we have implemented a 3 step tool to manage the transition. It's quick and easy to ensure a seamless switch.

The following outlines the entire process from start to finish, some parts are actions you will take as an owner, others the member will take. Its listed chronologically so you can understand the complete user experience.

Step 1. - Export your data

You only want to import members anyone on a Recurring Plan, Non-recurring Plan or Punchcard that is currently active. Use the links below for instructions on how to export data from your old platform, or if you want the white-glove treatment, we don't mind doing this step for you, message us on the chat and we can take care of it.

How to export from Mindbody
How to export from Pike 13
How to export from Wodify
How to export from Zen Planner

Step 2. - Import your data

If you did step 1, attach the exported csv file in a chat message in the Control Panel. We will do some pre-processing, scrub for duplicates and errors etc. Once the member data is formatted,  we will upload it into PushPress for you.

Step 3. - Give your members a 'Heads up'

We recommend you preface the migration by communicating to your members what you are doing. However, you communicate this 'heads-up' message best with your members is up to you. Email, Call, Blog post, get coaches to announce etc. Make this communication compelling. Give them a good reason to do it, 

Sample email copy

Member management software change

We are switching member management platform from {insert old software name here} to PushPress™. Our goal is to run the gym more efficiently to free up our time so we can focus more on being better coaches and spend more time on the gym floor with you all.

Transitioning will take place over the next few weeks. Expect an email from the new system requesting you set up and verify the existing information we have on file for you. The subject line will be "Action Needed - {insert your gym name here} Migration Request"

This email will be sent on {insert day of the week you plan to send this}.

When you get a spare moment, please use the link in the next email from us to update your account information. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, you can always catch me in the gym or email me at {insert your email here}.

Thanks again,
{insert your name here}

Step 4. - Request Account Setup

Now you are ready to fire off the Account Setup request email.

  1. In your Control Panel, go to /migration/billing/ which is 'Step 2' of the Migration Assistant. 

  2. Select everyone you want to request the setup for using the checkboxes. Use the dropdown menu at the top to 'Select Billing from Selected Members'

  3. Confirm by clicking the button.

Note: if you have cash members, you will want to use the 3 dot menu to select "cash member" before step 2 (sending profile setup request) .

This is the email that will get sent from the PushPress system. The reply-to will be your customer service email.

The link in the email is a 'magic link'. It's a different generated link for each member that will automatically log them into a secure landing page to verify and collect additional info, but primarily we need this to collect their Credit Card info. Only the first name, last name and credit card are required fields.

This is what that setup account landing page looks like:
(any data you import will be pre-populated, example, first name, last name, email etc.)

Step 6. - Assigning Plans

At this point, you should already have your Plan Templates setup as well as any applicable discounts.

  1. Go to /migration/plans/ in your Control Panel (Step 3 of Migration assistant)

  2. Match up each person to the corresponding plan on PushPress, include an applicable discount if any and the date they are due to be billed next.

  3. As you assign plans on PushPress, make sure to cancel their plan on the old software to avoid double billing.

As soon as a plan is assigned, they will be active members, even if their bill date is in the future.


• We assume you have already collected payment on your old software so all Punchcards are comped in this process. You will get to select how many sessions they have left.

Non-Recurring Plans

• We assume you have already collected payment on your old software so all Non-recurring Plans are comped in this process. You will get to select the end date of the plan.

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