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Core | Add a Staff Member
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It is helpful for your staff to have access to PushPress so they can see when they are scheduled to coach, sign up new members, run product transactions and manage Leads.

Staff will be able to log into the Control Panel but will not have access the Reports and Settings main menu items. (Access Roles)

To setup a Coach:

  1. People -> Staff Members

  2. "Add new Staff Member" from right rail

  3. Fill out form and set "Role" to Coach


"Coaching Pay Rate" : You can set up coaching rates for each coach. This is based on the Class Type on the Calendar. Example, you may want to pay a coach more for a specialty class than a general class.

"Coaching Check-In Pay" : You can incentivize a coach per member checked into class. Example : $0.50 for each member checked into that class.

"Asst. Coaching Pay Rate" : Set rate for when they are not the main coach of a class and just assisting. Example : main coach could get $20 but if they are secondary or assist they get $10.

Coaches need to also check into class to verify they have coached it for pay to be calculated. Go to Reports -> Payroll to see totals for a given period.

"Mobile App password" : used for Store App. No need to set it up, they will be prompted to do this when they log in.

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