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Core | Digital Documents Overview

Overview on how to set up documents to sign. Including Waivers, Policies, Rental agreements and Contracts

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*Some visuals in this video are prior to our 2022 landing page release. Content is not effected and will still serve as a valuable guide.

A "Digital Document" is any policy or document your gym has where you require a signature from the member (or non-member) attached to it.

It's best to set up a separate document for each use case. A typical scenario you may have a General Release and Assumption of Risk Waiver, a separate Gym Policy document and also a Membership Agreement or Contract outlining rules such as cancelling the membership etc.

Each Document you create can be automatically attached to a persons account depending on the attachment rule you select for each document. You can attach via the following rules:

  • Attach to every person. Good for Waivers and Policies

  • Attach to a person with a certain discount. Good for Contracts.

  • Attach to a person with a certain plan. Good for specific rules related to the plan type.

  • Manually attach. Good for odd use cases, possibly something specific for the member.

How a Member will sign the Document

Once the document is setup and the auto-attaching rules are in place, here is how the member will get the document signed.

  1. Member signs up for a plan. Either through a Landing Page or a Coach/Admin manually sets up through the Control Panel.

  2. Rules will get triggered based on New Account/Plan/Discount and attach relevant Documents to the members account for signing.

  3. Member will be redirected to the documents they need to sign. More details in New Member Experience.

  4. If the member doesn't sign before they get to the gym, when they go to Check-in, the App will prompt them to sign the waiver before allowing a class check-in.
    **This feature not supported on iPads listed as Vintage and Obsolete models are not supported or a manual Request for waiver can be found here.

How to set up specific Document types


How to set up a General Release Waiver and Express Assumption of Risk document, and have it automatically attach to each new member, lead or drop-in. Click here.


How to set up a Membership Contract document, and have it automatically attach to each member when they sign up. Click here.

Gym Policies

How to setup a Gym Policy document which can cover things like how to cancel memberships etc automatically to each member. This is the same setup as waivers here

Child Waivers

You may have specific verbiage for kids only. You can add a section to your general waiver to cover this as it will detect if they are under 18 and ask for parent signature. Or you can create a separate waiver for kids and attach it to kid plans, instructions here.

Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaires (Par-Q)

You may have a Par-Q that you need your athletes or clients to complete before they can be admitted to class or training sessions. The Digital Document system does not allow for a user to complete info like name, yes or no, etc inside the document so we have to do a little magic using Google Forms. Instructions on how you can setup a Par-Q can be found here

Additional Questions

Parent/Guardian signature for minors

At the top of the document, there is a date input field. Most of the time that we pass that info in as we already know it. If not they will be required to update it. If they are under 18, the signature field will change to request the signature of the Parent/Guardian. If you want to have specific verbiage to minors, you can create a separate document and attach to only plans that apply to kids.

How to get Drop-ins to sign a waiver

Same way as everyone else, whether you charge for Drop-in's or not, create a plan they can sign up for online or in person when they get to the gym. Because your waiver document will be attached to all people in the system, they will be emailed a link where they can sign on their device and if they don't they will be prompted on the Check-in App. No more having to verify if Drop-in's have signed, if they have Checked in, they have signed!! Check in feature not supported on iPads listed as Vintage and Obsolete models are not supported.

How to get Leads to sign a waiver

Give the lead a plan, even if it's a 'Free Intro Assessment'. Best practice is to have this available online. When they come to the gym, get them to check-in, that will verify the waiver is signed. Check in feature not supported on iPads listed as Vintage and Obsolete models are not supported.

Manually email a Document to be signed

Members will automatically get a link emailed to sign documents if they are auto assigned, for instructions on how to re-send the email click here.

How to insert 'Members Name' in the document

You may want to insert members name or other identifying custom variables in the document. Here is how to do that.

How to insert 'Checkboxes' in the document

You may want to show additional user intent. Here is how to do that.

Can i see a list of who has signed each document? 

Although this is mostly unnecessary as checking in to class will ensure members have signed documents, instructions here.

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