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Core | How to Set Up Flex Fee
Core | How to Set Up Flex Fee

How to set up your Flex Fee

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To get your Flex Fee up and running, we highly encourage you to read through the Flex Fees FAQ to make sure Flex Fee is the right fit for you at this time, as there is an immediate impact on your customers.

Once you've decided on implementing a Flex Fee, go to the "Settings" section in your Core account. Find the section for "Flex Fee Settings" and fill out the following information.

  1. Flex Fee Description: How would you like the Flex Fee to appear on your customers' bills? Your options include "Processing Fee," "Service Fee," "Maintenance Fee," or "Transaction Fee." Please note that custom labels are currently not available.

  2. Credit Card Transactions: What percentage do you want to set as the Flex Fee for credit card payments? You can choose any rate between a minimum of 0% and a maximum of 10%.

  3. Bank Transactions: Similarly, what should be the Flex Fee rate for bank transactions? This also ranges from 0% to 10%.

*Note: once you save the settings for Flex Fee, the Fee will immediately be added to all transactions that meet the criteria. So it is important you only save the settings when you are ready for your Flex Fee to go live.

Flex Fee is available to all Pro and Max customers only. If you do not see these settings in your Core account, reach out to a PushPress teammate to chat through upgrade options.

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