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This HELP article is a compilation of several HELP articles and some new videos in one place to educate staff members on best practices and procedures using PushPress Gym Management Software.



PushPress Terms - Vocabulary


Domain URL

Control Panel




Non Members


Check ins

Staff | Create a Profile

Brand New Staff

Promote from Member > Staff

Staff Roles | Admin, Coach, Front Desk

Control Panel Access Explained

Staff | Coaching Assignments

Control Panel (See video)

*Places to see Coaching Assignments

Member Check-Ins

Control Panel, Staff App and Kiosk

Check In Options for Staff

Staff App - Check Ins

Overriding Check Ins Rules
Keep Tabs on Member Check Ins

From the Member App

Add a New Member to PushPress
Assign a Plan to Member

Add a New Member

Member App


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my Gym?


Sub Account Member App Access

Sub Account Switching on App

Screens App

How to Use the Remote to Control Part of the Workout is Seen

Troubleshooting Screen App

PushPress Store App Kiosk

Coach mode or Kiosk Mode

Staff App

Staff App Overview

The article will be a living document that will grow and change as we do here at PushPress. If there is something that would be beneficial to add, please let us know using the little blue box or sending an email to support@pushpress.com.

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