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Core | Members - Add a New Member + Add a Plan
Core | Members - Add a New Member + Add a Plan

There are multiple way to add members into your system. Here's a breakdown of the different methods

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Migration Upload
Migration is a process in itself. Check this link for the full breakdown of migrating members from another system
​Migration Best Practices

Through Landing Pages
This is the easiest method to add members into your system, because the member does all of the work! You will just need to find the link for the landing page of the plan you want to add, then either send it directly to the member or post the link on your site.
​Landing Pages

To find the appropriate landing page:

Plans > 3 Dots on Plan >View Plan Info > View Landing Page (right hand side) > View Landing Page and grab that URL.

Manually Adding Members From Your Dashboard
Adding members through this method takes the most work, but is still an easy process.

  • From the 'Members' list, select the '+ Add New Member' option

  • Next, fill in the appropriate member information

  • If have the member's credit card info, you can add a membership plan to the member and charge their card.

  • If you do not have their credit card information accessible, you'll need to stop the process here, and send the member a request for a new credit card.

  • Once they add a credit card to their profile, you can assign plan to them.

Assign a Plan to Existing Lead with Billing


If you would like more information or need further assistance, please use our HELP DOCs, just like this one or reach out through intercom, the little blue box in your CORE account or email us at Our team is here to help.

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