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Core | Attendance - Check-in Count
Core | Attendance - Check-in Count

Keep tabs and find out how many check-ins each member has

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On the Member Detail page you will see the check-in count for each plan the person has. The count will mean something different depending on the type of plan.

Plan Type

  • No check-in restrictions = total number of check-ins, all-time.

  • Check-in restricted = total number of check-ins for current period.

  • Punchcard = (used punches)/(total punches)

A few examples:

If a 3x a week plan shows '2', it mean member has checked in 2x this week and has one check-in left. Check-in count for weekly restrictions reset each Sunday.

Check-in counts set to a monthly cycle will reset on the 1st of each month. (not the members billing cycle.)

If an plan with no check-in restrictions shows '358' it means that person has checked in that many times since their plan was added. Also means they are a pretty damn good member.

If a Punchcard shows 4/10 it means they have used 4 of their 10 punches and have 6 check-ins left.

Check-in Detail

You can get granular detail on check-in history per plan by clicking the check-in count number. you will also be able to download this data to a CSV file for further analysis

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