The member app, built for Android or iOS devices, is a powerful tool designed to allow your members to take control of their journey in your studio or gym. It can be downloaded directly to your device by searching for 'PushPress Members' right from your iOS or Android app store. (iOS / Android)

Main Menu Buttons

  • Home

  • Social

  • Classes

  • Workouts

  • Menu

Social Feed

  • The Social Feed is a robust social bulletin board where you can make announcements and interact with your members.

  • Yes, images and GIFs can be shared!

  • Upon opening the Social Feed on a new device, you may have to acknowledge the Community Guidelines Disclaimer.


  • Here is your Class schedule where members can reserve and cancel class reservations.

  • A Member's reserved classes will reflect in the "Reserved" tab on the right side.


  • Workouts are published from TRACK, TRAIN, and SugarWOD (separate integration)

  • If your workout software includes recording results, selecting "Record Results" will redirect you to the appropriate app to enter results.


  • The Menu button is where member can perform most administrative tasks for them selves.

  • Profile: View and change personal info, view payments and payment info, view documents, and view class attendance.

  • Plans: Available plans for purchase through the Member app.

  • Appointments: View appointments scheduled with gym staff.

  • Events: View and register for gym events.

  • Pre-Orders: View and purchase pre-orders from the gym.

  • Settings: App diagnostics and reporting

How Do I Give My Members Access? 

Glad you asked! The system will automatically create a log in for your member, as soon as they enter the system (with a plan or punchcard). They will be linked with instructions on where they can download and what they can do in the app. If you have the Branded App, your linked instructions will point your members to your Branded App instead of the standard Member App.

If you would like more information or need further assistance, please use our HELP DOCs, just like this one or reach out through intercom, the little blue box in your CORE account or email us at Our team is here to help.

About PushPress

PushPress is a gym management software that can help you a lot in managing your gym. We've helped thousands of local gyms streamline and professionalize their businesses with our intuitive, powerful solution for managing fitness facilities - all from the palm of their hands! Want to take charge? Give us 3 minutes on the phone or schedule an in-person demo today!

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