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Core | Reports - Membership Churn

The Membership Churn Report uses Machine Learning to show users who are likely to cancel their membership.

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We’re not making butter, what does “Churn” mean

Churn is a common world software services that refer to the rate of which customers cancel their recurring subscriptions. In this case, we’re using Churn to refer to a similar concept but on the fitness space - the rate of which customers cancel their memberships.

What is the Membership Churn Report?

Our team has analyzed millions of data records seeking to answer the following question: Which pattern of interaction with our system indicates that a member will leave a gym in the next month? Our analyses identified eight data points that are strong indicators of that. The Member Churn report will show you members that receive a high score in these indicators.

Key Details to Remember

  • This report will be refreshed every 3rd of each month with the latest scores based on last month's data.

  • Check in Your Members. Having a reliable and complete history of a member’s check-ins is an important aspect of our ability to predict a member’s likelihood to churn.

  • Only members with at least 40% chance of churning will show on the report.

Two of the eight indicators of member turnover relate to check-ins, and having a reliable and complete history of a member’s check-ins is an important aspect of our ability to predict a member’s likelihood to churn. If your gym doesn't regularly utilize check-ins, members may receive higher churn scores than they otherwise would with complete and reliable check-in data.


Membership Churn Report can be access by going to

Members are displayed in order of High to Low Risk for Churn on the main report page as shown.

The Churn Probability is unique to the individual.

To learn more about the indicators for a specific member, click the 3 dot stack, and choose Info.

The member churn probability is broken down as shown here.

How you should use it

You shouldn't use this report to interrogate your members on their habits but as an indicator to use your excellent soft skills and target your efforts.

A member with a high score doesn't necessarily mean they are about to leave - it just means our model gave them a high score based on their usage data. Sometimes this might be due to a small break for family reasons or a holiday, and sometimes it's because someone doesn't use a feature consistently (we all have that member that never registers or checks in) HINT HINT! Check them in!

We suggest you look at the report's results and create a note to connect with the highly scored, high churn members, review their plans and get a feeler on how you could support them better.

What are the indicators?

You'll see more details on why a member scored high in the report. Here is more information about them and supporting articles to help you address them.

Main Churn Indicators

Check-in frequency

The report will increase the likelihood of member turnover if there hasn’t been any check-ins in the past 7 days, and also if it detects a decrease in number of typical checkins in the past month compared to the 3 months before.

Supporting Articles

Cancelled Class Reservations in the last 7 and 14 days

This indicator will receive a high score depending on the number of class cancellations in the last 7 and 14 days

Supporting Articles

Number of transactions in the previous six months

Members with a low number of transactions in the last six months will score high for this factor (either through long pauses or fewer purchases apart from membership)

Supporting Articles

Number of refunds in the last month

Members with at least one refund in the last month are likely to score high in their probability of turnover.

Supporting Articles

How recently they've joined the gym

Our data shows that the longer a member has been at your gym, the more likely they are to stay - new members will score high here, and your ability to nurture the experience for new members will make this score decrease with time.

Supporting Articles

Plan page viewed in Member App

This reason will show up when a member has seen the “Plans” page in the Member App for a number of days in that month.

Supporting Articles

If you would like more information or need further assistance, please use our HELP DOCs, just like this one or reach out through intercom, the little blue box in your CORE account or email us at Our team is here to help.

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