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Core | Canadian Direct Debit Migration
Core | Canadian Direct Debit Migration
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Let's talk about how to set up your members on Canadian Direct Deposit while going through the Migration Assistant process. Before we get started, make sure you requested to have the CAD Direct Debit turned on in your account.

The standard Step 2 email, Migration Account Setup Request, has a link that directs the members to complete their profile and put in their Credit Card information. If you want you members to setup their Direct Debit instead of Credit Card, you will need to follow the below process to adjust the migration process. By utilizing the Landing Pages, the members can set their billing method to Bank Account / Direct Deposit. Once the member enters their banking info, it will set their billing method to Bank Account and transposed into the Migration Assistant and they will be sent to Step 3 for Plan assignment.

Step 1 | Create a Plan then use the Landing Page

  • Label Plan "Direct Deposit Setup"

  • In Plan Description, copy and past > "Select "Or Login" as we have an account for you, then select Reset Password to set password. Continue to Payment > Bank > follow steps to set up bank account. No need to process the CA$.01, once you see your bank account as the payment option, exit out of the page. "

  • In Additional Information, copy and paste > "Once you have completed this step, we will add a Plan to your. You will receive an email with your Plan info and a prompt to download the Members App."

  • Type - Non-recurring

  • Amount - $.01

  • No Check ins

  • Toggle Off for Member App

  • Set to Member

Landing Page

Step 2 | Place Landing Page link into Migration Account Setup email

  • Click on View Page

  • Copy Link

  • Go to Communicate > Automatic

  • Scroll Down > Migration Account Setup Email > click 3 dots > Edit

  • Click the square link button at the top of the email by the smiley face, this will insert a link

  • Edit the link > paste the Landing Page link > edit the title to say Direct Deposit Link

  • The Edit the bottom link by titling it Credit Card Link

  • In the text of the email, you can utilize the below text to input into the email to instruct your members on how to proceed.

    • "If you choose to bill through Direct Deposit, please click the below link, fill out your information, add your Banking info, then once you see your bank set up as the payment method, exit out of the landing page. The landing page will also have these steps laid out for you as well.

      If you will bill with a Credit Card, please click the Credit Card link and follow the steps. "

  • Save email edits and continue to Migration Assistant

Step 3 | Migration Assistant

  • Select all Members > Select A Bulk Action > Send Profile Setup Request > Click button to send Step 2 email

Member's Journey

  • Member selects Direct Deposit Link

  • Or Login at the top

  • Resets password and logs in

  • Sets up Bank

  • Exits Landing Page once banking info is listed.

After member has submitted their banking info, the system will recognize it as their primary billing method and will push them into Step 3 in Migration Assistant.

Continue through the migration process by assigning the member a plan and then their migration is complete.

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