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Core | Migrate Sub - Accounts

Bringing families, partners and child to PushPress. Let's learn how to do this seamlessly.

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Each member requires first name, last name and unique email. Often, family accounts or parents will share their email with their child or partner. In order to upload the migration file with unique emails, there is a step needed to successful upload. Take a moment to view this short video to see migrating subs in action.

If you are here, but wanted to learn about migration from the beginning, please head to this article to start. Migrating from Another Platform

Formatting for Template

Sub accounts will be uploaded first and should appear on a separate template.

Please label your file with your gym name and sub accounts, "GYM123 Sub Accounts".

PushPress requires unique emails. To "share" an email reformat to add +1, +2 , etc for each subsequent person on the account.

This allows the email to remain on each account AND for our system to use it as a unique email for upload.

Remove any main accounts and place on a separate template. "GYM123 Main Accounts" which will have the rest of your active members listed.

These members are the paying members and in charge of all accounts. Payment information from these accounts will also be used on the sub accounts.

Assigning sub account to Parent Account

Scenario 1 - Assign Plans to Main Account AND Sub Account

  1. People > Migration Assistant -> Step 3

Chose member, 3 dots, select plan - follow all steps to assign plan, next bill date and billing,

2. Then, Go to that member profile using the search function.

3. Scroll down to the right and choose " add sub account".

4. Choose from the dropdown. Remember we uploaded the members so subs were ready for assignment.

5. Then, back on main account, scroll down to sub account section and view member profile.

6. Scroll down to right and choose "add new plan to member".

Choose plan, any discounts and next bill date and choose "active today" for immediate access to reserve classes.

Scenario 2 - Assigning Plan to Sub Account Only

People > Migration Assistant -> Step 3

Click on main account member to go to profile and head to step 3 above to continue.

Last step - Head back to Step 3 and remove the parent from migration.

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Have more questions? Please send us a message through Intercom. the little Blue Box, or email the Customer Experience Team at

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