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Prorating a member's plan to charge for part of the month

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When you add a monthly recurring plan to a member you have the option of charging each month on the same day of the month or prorating. If you enable prorating, you can select what date of the month to prorate to.

Note: Prorating option is only available when plans are added to members through the Control Panel. All plans signed up on the Member Portal, Member App, or public landing pages will default to recurring on the day they signed up.

Prorate Date = Date of the month the plan renews
Prorate Amount = Amount to be prorated today (Plan amount / # of Days in current month) x (number of days until Prorate Date
Setup Fee = Not prorated
Start Billing = Autofilled. If prorating is enabled, this will be the same date as prorate date
Which discount = Prorated fixed dollar discounts are calculated with the same forumla as plan prorating.

You can view a breakdown of both the 'Paid Now' and 'Next Payment' calculations
Paid Now = Amount to be billed immediately. Includes (Prorated amount) - (Prorated discounts) + (Setup Fee)
Next Payment = Amount to be billed each month (Base Plan Amount) - (Discounts)


There may be some rounding differences between the 'Rate per Day' and the actual prorated amount. Rate per day is calculated to 4 decimals ($0.0000), but only displayed to 2 decimals, for obvious reasons. But the 4 decimal figure is used in the final calculation of Prorate amount

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