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Core | ACH - Start Guide
Core | ACH - Start Guide

ACH payments made easy.

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ACH is an alternative payment method that can be used in place of credit cards. This involves direct debits from a customer's bank account.

Migration Tips

*When Migrating, migrate to credit card first, then kick off ACH migration from the App Store once members have a plan assigned and are through Migration. It is always best to have a credit card backup. You can also set plan to credit card price and assign a discount to those who opt to use ACH. More info on that here.

  1. Activate ACH in Apps > App Store > ACH > Configure > Activate

2. Set your NSF Fees (fees charged to the customer for failed ACH transactions).

*More detail on NSF Fees below.

3. Enable ACH on specific landing pages. Learn how to do this here.

4. Migrate existing members from Credit Card to ACH, batch requesting, or selecting members for banking information. Members will be sent an email with a link to connect their banking institution to your system.

5. You can edit the email your member's get when you send them an ACH request by going to Communicate ->Automatic then choose "Instant new bank account request". Click the three dots then choose edit.

6. Members will be able to automatically or manually verify their bank information. Once the information is verified, it will be available for use as a valid payment option for any transaction in PushPress.

NSF Fees

NSF Fee (with Credit Card Backup): If a ACH transaction fails because of NSF, the member's credit card on file will be charged this fee, in addition to the original transaction amount

NSF Fee (without Credit Card Backup): If an ACH transaction fails because of NSF and the member does not have a credit card on file, this fee will be charged to the client, in addition to the original transaction amount. This will be attempted to the same bank account, until the transaction is successful.

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